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The Sims 4 Release Date is Expected in the Middle of 2014

29-Jun-2012 by Rachel Green

According to EA app developer, The Sims 4 release date is announced to come not very soon. EA is one of the most popular app developers in the world which is known for such amazing games like Diablo 3 (download Diablo 3), Catwoman, The Need for Speed, and of course The Sims. Millions of people are waiting anxiously to find out the Sims 4 release date, but no one can tell for sure when the game will be released.

Just about a month ago Electronic Arts Inc. reported the first details on one of the most popular and much expected iPad game, The Sims 4. Having a completely new engine that has been in development for almost 5 years, The Sims 4 lets you involve your unique Sims in the open living neighborhood, whilst living their dreams. The first feature-set that was introduced, comes with the new Create-A-Sim, new realistic people along with new limitless customization. The Sims 4 release date is expected in mid 2014.

The Sims franchise has been recognized for a long time because of its interest to a worldwide audience, both female and male, and at all ages. There were sold more than 200 million games all over the world and translated into 22 different languages. Because of its humor and creativity, The Sims has become a worldwide and cultural phenomenon since its release in 2000. And today, The Sims 4 is being created to be the next-generation leading game from The Sims Label.

The Sims 4 release date

Here’s what Head of The Sims Studio, Rod Humble, said:

“In The Sims 4, Sims can go beyond the boundaries of their neighborhood, and immerse themselves in an open subhood, interacting with other Sims using our new deeper personality system. It is this type of open-ended gameplay that inspires endless creative possibilities. In addition the new goals and rewards systems will give players of all kinds from core gamers to storytellers the ability to enjoy long-term gameplay”.

After the official The Sims 4 release date for Mac and Windows is announced, you will also find out more about the awesome new features the game includes. By now, we know only some of The Sims 4 features which you can check out below.

Open Subhoods – Explore and also Vacation Freely

Discover different places with your Sims! The new easy subhood buildings allow your Sims to walk freely through a number of different subhoods and also visit their loved ones or friends. This amazing new feature also allows you not only discover other Sims homes, but even to travel abroad to new places like Logan’s Isle.

Create A Sim – Create Any Sim or Creature You Want

We all expect to find out The Sims 4 release date and to get the fantastic new features like Create-a-Sim. The new Create-a-Sim interface will include simple-to-use design tools that let you make really detailed Sims that are much more realistic than ever before. Thanks to this feature you can easily customize any Sim you can imagine. Moreover, you can create Witches, Fairies, and also BigFoot.

Just like in The Sims 3 for iPad, you can customize the hair style as well as select the skin tone. With all these options you can easily create a Sim that looks like you, someone you want to look like, or even someone who only lives in the myths.

Weather System – Every Day is an Unpredictable Day

Wow, this new feature is really awesome, as there has never been anything like this before. Now your Sims will have not only warm summer days, but every day will be unpredictable. They will be able to go skating on an ice rink, play snowballs and even make snow angels in winter; swim in the pool, play Marco Polo and avoid the heat in summer.

Each season shows up in a different way providing beautiful visuals of weather effects and seasonal changes such as rain, snow, hail, lightning and even more ensuring an original gameplay experience for many seasons in the future.

So, whatever The Sims 4 release date will be, we will wait for it anxiously.

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  • Matt

    If they don't add an online mode that allows users to interact with each other then I won't be buying Sims 4. Because without online mode all Sims 4 would be is Sims 3 with better graphics and a few added features. Not worth the wait or spending another $60 for. If it's online then I'll buy it, if not I'll hold off until they make a new Sims game that has online play.

    • nana

      you are right matt why pay for something extra if you cannot interact with other user friends online….it would be perfect if they added that feature.

    • jennifer


    • Kimberly

      They have already done the Sims Online and it tanked. So what is your point dude? If the feature is an add on to The Sims 4 then that will be a better bet, but making online will annoy me.

      • Jooby

        Well, think about it, Sims Online was like, when? 2002? Its now 2013 and we have far more superior technology then 10 years ago, so just think about the possibilities like other MMOs.

    • Liz

      The Sims 3 already has an online mode where you can visit people's walls and post comments while in gameplay. I am pretty sure they wouldn't take that out, since it is already such a major component of The Sims 3.

    • Airy fairy

      But wat if u can cht to them on speaker phone all u do is say the persons name and player number which can be viewed in player mod it can be like on farm ville at the bottem or top u can have all your friends or people that are logged on and they have there name and player number on it and POOF u can cht to them on speaker phone. Hope u find this intresting. :D

    • Christian

      *2 years later*
      Sims 4 available in stores!
      Matt: *Does backflip and breaks down door and runs to GameStop in underwear*

    • joe

      Have to say I would HATE an online Sims 4

    • Sonic

      You act like online capabilities are what make a game good. Online capabilities would probably worsen the game.

    • anthony

      I hate online games they are full of cheaters and hackers not only that but I really don't think a sims game would be good online I mean look at SimCity some times you cant get on and sure it looks ok but not good on quality I would want a good quality game not one that's a online look at what I can do type of game nothing good could come out of a online game from my experience

  • simuel

    why so late wat if christ comes by then i know u people probally playing it already

    • caz

      cool n i hope u can move your adults out of your home. like the sims 2. cause u coudont do that in the sims 3

      • Jeph

        Yes u could

  • Jordin

    Cant wait!!!!!!!!!

  • Tori

    Damn 2 years i cant wait that long lmfao

    • tori

      omfg u go girl

  • La'Mondae

    im smiling just thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Ericka

    thats way too long too wait but if they keep releasing info on what will be in the game it might go faster

  • Tasis714

    I just hope they are NOT UGLY like the SIMS3 and when you go to visit a building downtown that your sim just does not disappear and then reappear later like the sims 3. I really hope they take their time and make the Sims 4 as wonderful and outstanding as the Sims2 and this time do not crash the site.

    • Debby

      Idk about having all those open buildings. Maybe a few but not all. It would get very difficult to control your whole families. You'd be all over the place. xD

      • Chrissy

        I agree! It was hard enough with ambitions!

    • Christina

      THey have been working on it for more than 4 years i think they took their time

  • Alicee


  • Jess

    But will this only be available for iPad? :(

    • Unknown

      No, it will be available on all the things that the Sims 3 ran on and more.

  • chahar

    omg im not waiting this long

  • Nora Lasso

    Hey people!!!! There won't be any Sims 4!!!!

    • charlie

      lol i bet when im like 40 there be like the sims 7 and 8 it will keep gong on i bet.

  • Jess

    This isn't real. It was a April Fool's joke by Sim's Program.

    • elly246

      yeah except it was released on June 29th

      • tori


  • mysticmellie

    won't buy if you can't chose online or off. I am not big into mmorpg.. if it is the buck stops here!!

  • Cent

    Did you say EA made Diablo 3?

    • Cris

      Nice to know i'm not the only one that noticed that :D

  • Ange

    To bad it was an APRIL FOOL announcement made by a FanSite !!!

  • Liam

    GUYS! This isn't real :P SimsVIP created this exact post as an April Fool's Joke a long time ago. The one who put this here must be very confused

  • whoever

    look if you cant wait for the game or your not gonna buy it because it prob wont have this or that then stopp playing sims now and save everybody time. im pretty sure EA games com. are trying the hardest to get the game developed but dont sit here and rush them or say your not gonna buy the game just be patient im pretty sure their not gonna disappoint, they havent in the past so why would they satrt now!?

    • Dimi

      I don't know about the working hard thingie…. Since it seems they stop working hard on Sims 3 ! Since now they just try to get money from the people with out improve the bugs and lags from the game

  • leenforeva

    Hmm.. As for pregancy in Sims4, next time round i wonder whether will they hav miscarriage or wat?
    Coz it doesn't make sense that every pregnancy will be smooth right? Where can like that one?! :O
    Hm, there shld be more options instead of juz taking the pregnant person to the hospital. Maybe can call ambulance to arrive at your sim doorstep? That would look cool!

    Anyway, then.. from the sims 2, seems like the sims 3 cannot let the teens to apply cream on acnes.
    Hope sims 4 will let us continue do that. Not juz teens btw, everyone in all ages also will surely have acnes beside freckles, wrinkles or eye bags right.

    Most importantly, must have function that LET US VIEW and CONTROL people and actions inside all watever buildings! This way would be more fun! :D

    For clothes wise, there's a problem. Prob of able to wear wedding gown when pregnant. And btw, pregnant clothes are very ugly looking – unable to let us change coz is automatic from the game itself :(
    The nicest one would only be that beige color dress. And private wedding also..

    Not just keep on adding new features, but must also THINK OUT OF THE BOX to make it more interesting! I feel that sims 3 is still abt the same as sims 2 leh. And btw, glad that you cancel away the UFO thingy in sims 3. You changed it to like… e.g vampires, fairies, werewolves and so on. (This is smth)
    Continue to think of these kind of creativity (:

    Btw, sorry that my comments are long! Happy reading it :3
    Can't wait and eager to purchase and PLAY Sims 4!!!!

    PS: As for now, i only have Sims 3 base game, sims 3 WA and sims 3 generations. I won't be planning to buy any more sims 3 expansion packs already. I thot of saving up to spend $$ on sims 4 games instead in future – Wise Choice :D

    • tori

      can you be quiet. and stop talking about miscarriages u loser. why would anyone want this to be apart of the game. what is wrong with you. have u ever had a miscarriage…. are you stupid!!!!! its not the nicest thing

  • kathwynn

    As long the Ea does not force an online game I will see what else is included. I do not want to be forced to play online with others. I do hope they make modding the game a lot easier than in sims 3.

  • Martin

    Like some have already said, EA need to make it so other players can visit other players through the use of the internet. Both me and my girlfriend play the sims and would love it if we could interact together when we play at the same time.

    • sally

      you can now, it's called simport. I think you can get it on the showtime EP :)

  • teamwarcraft

    "EA is one of the most popular app developers in the world which is known for such amazing games like Diablo 3"

    Seriously? You guys no so little about video games and video game companies that you post completely false information and ignorance. Diablo 3 was made by Blizzard and released by Activision-Blizzard, one of EA's biggest competitors.

    Get your facts straight or GTFO of reporting about video games and companies!

    • Airy fairy

      Thanks teamwarcraft! U DA BEST!!!!!

    • Voltage

      yeah. I read the second sentence and went like WTF

  • teamwarcraft

    "EA is one of the most popular app developers in the world which is known for such amazing games like Diablo 3"

    How does someone reporting about video games write an article with completely wrong information about the biggest selling game of the year and nobody even call him out on it?

    Diablo 3 was made and released by BLIZZARD not EA!


  • Unknown

    Diablo 3 was made by Blizzard Entertainment, not EA…

  • MahBitch

    Fuck the fucking sims 4! Fuckers can fuck my fucking dick if they wanna fuck up with somethin

    • Evan

      It's morons like you who show the world how stupid people really are.

    • Yo ma

      hey idiot if u wanna see my bad side DON'T GO THERE. Lots of HATE Yo ma.

    • simfan

      obviously you interested or you wouldn't have wasted your time to come here and see what its about

  • michelle

    no no no i can not wait two stink in years why can't they start now lets see other games on x box have better graphics than the sims 3 already and that is why we can't wait for the better graphics on sims 4 why can't it come out this year grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf

  • Jess

    It's not real! This info was an April Fool's joke!

  • Enni

    CALM DOWN PEOPLE! if they have been working on the sims 4 for almost 3 years now, it HAS to be good! ILL WAIT even though i CAN'T WAIT 730 DAYS! BUT ITS WORTH IT :D START SAVING UP MONEY SINCE NOW TO BUY THE EXPANSION PACKS TOO..It wont be so cheap in those years.

  • jennifer


    It would be awesome if we could be able to visit our actual friends' houses/vice versa, go out to town with friends live, etc. in an online virtual world.
    I know EA tried The Sims Online years ago, but I personally don't think they had all the right tools and I feel like they jumped into that idea a little too quickly (at the time). I'm positive now EA is capable of adding this feature now.
    I know that some people don't like this idea; then EA should make it optional so you're able to play alone and in your own world or you can join friends online.

  • good advice

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay? NO! I'm really glad that this isn't the Sims 4 because half of the crap this thing just mentioned made me wanna barf? Witches, fairies, BigFoot? How is this a Teen game when your adding this crap? Ok ok listen up this is what they NEED in The Sims 4.

    The biggest issue for me is that there's no SimLock feature. What I mean by that is that I want to be able to have the option to only control ONE SIM. Just one. It's never surprising when you get to control everything. I want a real life simulator. And if they did that, maybe you could be able to control a dude with the control stick for console and WASD or arrow keys for PC? I mean, that would be really cool.

  • Simsphanatic

    Everyone who played Sims 3 knows about your family being deleted if you leave your house and leave them behind. This is what I hope they change. If I decide to get a divorce and move in with my new girlfriend, I would like my ex-wife and kids to remain in the house so that I can visit them occasionally.

  • Juanesha

    Needs to have seasons already on it or I won't be interested either….this better be worth the wait!

  • Airy fairy

    Hey guys.Im Aerin and im only 12 i have some really good ideas for the Sims 4…Heres a few…
    1.The Sims 4 prehestorich times were you can be a cave man or woman and you can hunt for food and you can have mammoths or saber tooth cats (ect) as pets
    2.The Sims 4 animals were you can be ANY animal even dinosaurs
    3.The Sims 4 underwater life were you can be mermaids or mermen and can have dolphins or whales or sharks (ect) as pets
    4.The Sims 4 around the world (I know its just another ripe off of the Sims 3 adventures)
    I will put somemore on just now…
    love Aerin.

  • Party Girl<3


  • Airy fairy

    I know about 600 people including on my bbm contacts that half of them dont want the blocks (when they get in the shower or bath or skinny dip ect) on there sims and i have tried to find cheats for it but i can't…if u have a cheat 4 it plez send it

  • Jeph

    I hope the build mode is improved. All i did in sims 3 was build sick n crazy houses. I want to edit business/city buildings too

  • Amber

    I hope they make the sims 4 very beautiful, cuz the sims you make look like dolls o_o it's kinda ugly :S

  • Zeke

    I just hope the AI will be much much smarter than The Sims 3; they looked like robots!

  • lea

    l reackon in the sims 4 they should have it wear your must lawn the grass so it doesn't get out of hand, miscarriages and not always smooth pregnancies, floods and tornados, and if they have different season that inside the house they would have to use heaters and air conditioners to keep comfortable make the game more realistic to real life,

  • thenewdivine92

    The biggest thing that SIms 4 needs is it needs to run in Origin and run like battlefield. Have 1 BASE GAME and then have expansions and stuff packs added to the game with an update after you purchase them. I hate that I have to download all these seperate programs that run together. Just make them together. I'd also like if you could play with LIVE people. Instead of making custom characters that we interact with, make them REAL PEOPLE! Sims is an incredible game so you should be able to socialize with all of your friends, family, and future friends!

  • jane yeomans

    way too long i am a keen sims fan and have bought everyone, i was hoping it would be out by june this year or christmas at the latest, why the long wait??? would be great to get as a christmas present, why can't it be sometime this year (2013) hoping it will be great and worth the wait

  • Rosie

    Hopefully by the time they develop The Sims 4, it will actually work on current model iMacs, cos The Sims 3 doesn't – it crashes consistently.

  • Надя

    Нет, она вышла в 2013 году, где то в Январе, или 2012, в Декабре. Я лично заходила на эти сайты игры Симс 4.

  • pandu

    i hope in the sims 4 we can be poor, dont have anything…. Live in the street. it will be a perfect experience. or our home has flood, our home is burning. Or We have a child and our child is stealed :D

  • Arnaud

    Diablo 3 is made by Blizzard and EA has nothing to do with

    OP = idiot

  • Caitlin

    I grew up to the sims, and seeing this has made me very excited, I'm not sure it's 100% true, but after 4 years of sims 3, I'm absolutely ready for Sims 4!

  • JBH

    The iPad hasn't even been around for five years so I don't know how they could have been making an engine for a tablet that didn't even exist for two of the five years of development. Diablo III was made by Blizzard, not EA. Also, I've never even heard of a Catwoman game.

  • Sarah Hardy


  • James

    That game can cure cancer, but I will just simply not buy this f__king game if EA decides to slap an always-on DRM or SecuROM. I had a bad taste in my mouth when The Sims 2 Bon Voyage screwed up my PC.

    Hopefully, the Sims 4 will let me alter the music on all radio stations and build-buy mode, and let me play the classic mode where I can just play as one family.

  • kennu

    I love Sims I have almost everyone I’m not the computer guy I’m the xbox360 guy so can’t wait

  • Kyara

    So is this for PC or ipad?

  • jaxie79

    If the last expansion pack is going to be the island paradise, coming out in June, then I would bet that a Sims 4 teaser will be included with that last expansion.

  • Franko

    I cant wait until next year!!!!!

  • caleb

    WOW not cool

  • Elizabethswint

    cant wait for the sims 4 omg ik im gonna have with tht game lol 

  • sabrina

    But if they rush it, it will not be as good! if their taking it more slowly then somehow it could mak eit better i mean think abojut it when sims 2 came out they were already in the process of making sims 3 so i bet when the sims 3 came out they started making the sims 4 whivch means if its still being made it should be good! but its going to take long cos they have to make the clothes, the eyes, the hair everything! and the graphics locations, the houses, the pets its not going to take 2 years! i mean did u know that coraline took like 5 years or 2 to make because it was a puppet stop motion film and they had to write it out and all but it was really good because they took their tiime! so it should be the same for thkis!

  • chuva

    I will buy TS4 if it is physic CD. If it will be digital, I don't want it.

  • Chester

    NO I will not buy the sims 4 if its gonna be online only. Because I don't like DRM include online only and securom. Look at SimCity its online only and people are complaining and getting severely angry about SimCity being online only. So if you all want the sims 4 to be online only I totally disagree on you all on that.

  • john rambo

    i cant wait till Sims 4 comes out it is going to be awsome

  • Guy

    Yet she also says Diablo 3 was made by EA.

    It was made Blizzard.

  • Jessika

    I know if EA, copied the online game "Second Life" then there would be a war, but at the same time the Zooby babies are so ADORABLE!!!!! They have the most adorable cribs, changing tables, bath tubs, clothes, etc…But it would be wicked awesome if they could make the game a lot similar to Second Life….except without the stupid rating that "You have to be this old to go on this virtual world"!!!!
    I'm hoping the babies will not be as ugly as the ones in the recent game know…OOH and they should have infant clothes options like on the Sims 3 free play!!!! The sims 3 freeplay rocks except for the fact that you can only have 2 children no matter how big the house is!!!!!! I hope EA, will make this request but if they don't I'll be mad but will except it, and continue on with the game :)

  • Jeff

    I'm begging you, don't preorder this game. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy it, but do not pre-order. Wait for reviews, and buy it if the reviews sound good.

  • unknown

    i think i will buy the sims 4 ONLY if you can edit every sims's height because i have too many sims3's expansion packs .

  • Becklyn

    With the Sims 4 they should have an expansion pack with business like clothing,electronics,shoes etc..